.the clear factor

making decisions are a part of life and a part of growing up. i have to say that i have been very proud of my son lately who is making choices for himself that are very adult and responsible.

there are times we do not feel as though we need to make choices. for some, expect everyone to decide for them and what is left is unfulfilled self recognition. you never to experience the pride … want to know the rest?

.the messy mind

you live your life according to what is best for you, no outside influence because you know that the best thing is what you need and want. making it happen can be somewhat of a challenge when others do not see your point of view or understand your thinking.

i have many people who feel this way about me and quite frankly, it took me a long time to make the decision to stand back … want to know the rest?

.losing my reality

finding beauty in everything you do can sometimes be very difficult. whenever i felt stressed or just basically fed up with life, i would find a moment in time i was really relaxed and recreate it. there are ways to develop ‘me’ time. but i do know this can be difficult for some.

there is no way in hell you can always believe that …

i was having an epic moment of reality. lately, nothing … want to know the rest?

be who you are not what it is expected

lately, i have been thinking about truth and how people react when they see a different side of your personality.

it isn’t different but just a decision to be true to yourself. what people perceive is an illusion of what they expect you to be and there is a sudden shift, they wonder what happen and question your life. acceptance of another human being’s way of life is vital to keeping the peace. but what … want to know the rest?

.keeping it simple

part of personal growth is learning what makes you happy and what doesn’t work.

in the last year, i have learned many things about myself and this weekend, i had another experience that made me realize why i get disappointed all the time. in relationships, we expect things to go a certain way; wanting things, hoping your partner will do or say the right things at the right time, however this is not the case. … want to know the rest?