a post taken from a book i wrote once and never published: 13 chaos – when you stop you lose

How is this possible?  Can you really be strong and weak at the same time?  Yes my fellow bloggers, friends, family and social networks; there is humanity!

We all go through life experiencing ups and downs, sorrows, defects, successes, etc

And I have come realize as well, we can be strong when faced with challenges and weak when we are faced in love.  read the epic

.if love was rational


people have different ways of dealing with break ups; i am by far the easiest person to deal with and when someone rejects me, whether in love or friendship, i automatically lock up! good or bad? it really doesn’t matter. we are all individuals and we deal with life experiences in our own special way.

however, when our hearts are broken, i truly believe men and women aren’t that different. read the epic

.it is what it is live with it


greatness can only be achieved with you live in a unrealistic bubble or are fortunate enough to have a horseshoe up your ass. i don’t care who you are, where you live or how you were raised, you can’t achieve anything in life without the power of bullshit.

i know a few people like that and i gotta tell ya, it is without saying how unrealistic it is. read the epic

.as long as it benefits us


in fairy tales, the girl always gets the man of her dreams. not matter which movie you watch, in the end, she gets it all.


women have to fight for everything they want! men ask:

“what do you want?” – it is as if the impossible seems so complicated to men. basically if you feed him, let him sleep in and give him sex, he is happy. read the epic

.the old shoe


a friend of mine said: ” we go back to the familiar, it is like an old shoe”.

relationship failure brings doubt, low self esteem, the uncontrollable urge to make things right and as we try and try again to fix it, we ask ourselves why we can’t break free from the familiar. is it because we fear trying something new or is it just that we do not want to put the effort in trying to learn a new lifestyle? read the epic