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.the messy mind

you live your life according to what is best for you, no outside influence because you know that the best thing is what you need and want. making it happen can be somewhat of a challenge when others do not see your point of view or understand your thinking.

i have many people who feel this way about me and quite frankly, it took me a long time to make the decision to stand back and tell them like it is. my reasoning for my epic moments are really none of their concern but a mere moment that i must stand up too. they do not have to accept me or really care what i do, say or think but only to respect how i read the epic

.why are you here

what defines you? have you ever searched so deep to find that epic moment in yourself? some of us can’t and others it is like a given. the era in which we live in has changed so drastically, some of us cannot keep up, therefore eventually we lose site of what is really important. we can no longer define our own ambitions, our own presence and therefore lose the ability to live a full life.

i have been speaking of my own personal experiences for years and lately the focus has been on finding my happiness. it is factual that lately my ability to be happy has left my mind and body. finding that inner balance seems unattainable and i feel as though i merely read the epic

.distraction is a good cure

i feel that if we are stressed about life, sometimes if you do things, keep busy or think about something else, it helps to calm yourself. focusing on other items on the agenda can alleviate some of the dilemmas you may be facing in life. this is especially true when making big decisions that are absolutely foreign to your normal routine.

the reality is when you know you must make these decisions it all boils down to commitment. i can’t stress enough how committed i have always been to life goals and other people but sometimes it was necessary to keep me grounded. what i have learned to do is find ways to distract myself when i am really having a difficult time by pondering read the epic

.accepting life for what it is

tired of being someone your are not?

me too and lately, i feel as though i have went back in time when all did was for others.

i am struggling with this as fire lit my ass yesterday it was a complete melt down at home and at work. in my professional life, we must keep our ‘facade’ as we call it and sometimes it is completely impossible. i was so upset over a personal situation that i could not keep my form at work. i was faced with piers who seen me in this form and i was totally embarrassed. however, being they understand even the strongest person can have a melt down from time to time, it still doesn’t matter to me.

we read the epic

.personal experiences

what we do in life can reflect our future. there’s no way out of it. if you fuck up, you will in some way or another pay for it for the rest of your life.

most people are in denial of such a phrase only because they can’t live in their reality. the question of the day is whether or not you can recognize the signs of it all and what to do about it or even if you can change the course of action.

i spent my day in my pool over thinking everything going around me, work, relationship, people and family and i can honestly say at the end of the day, i still come up with the same answers. it is one read the epic

.scary feelings in time of need

self motivation is a wonderful thing if you can do it. it only proves how powerful you can be in moments of stressful situations.

i was living a roller coaster yesterday, different feelings of anxiety and pissed off moments, i honestly didn’t know what was going on. i guess it is one of the side effects of being in this midlife crisis and i it is a good thing i am aware when it happens, otherwise i would probably do stupid shit.

i had an epiphany yesterday thinking it isn’t my job i really dislike but some of the people i am surrounded by. how can some people really get under your skin? well, it is easy. they do or say something that is just read the epic

.teaching of a positive girl

lately i have been writing a lot about regret, things that i have done in the past that i wish i could erase. i am reading a book called: “out of the darkness into the light” by Laurie-Ann Sheldrick and yesterday i decided to pick it up again and read more. now this girl is all about being positive, she thrives on it and although i do not agree with her method of self help, a bit far fetch for me, she is to say the least a very positive and ambitious person. she is a wonderful life coach and many people inspire to be like her.

in her book, she talks about mad ideas, those of which i am very familiar with. i ask read the epic