.teaching of a positive girl

lately i have been writing a lot about regret, things that i have done in the past that i wish i could erase. i am reading a book called: “out of the darkness into the light” by Laurie-Ann Sheldrick and yesterday i decided to pick it up again and read more. now this girl is all about being positive, she thrives on it and although i do not agree with her method of self help, a bit far fetch for me, she is to say the least a very positive and ambitious person. read the epic

query or not

my thoughts these days are about writing a query letter in hopes to get an agent.


the only way to get a publisher to notice you, after google hit me in the face and said so, is to find an agent. i think personally it is a lot of work, more so than self publishing however when you want the world to notice you need the best. read the epic

Revelations: Is there hope?

taken from my book 13 Chaos – an amount of writing from many moons ago or so it seems

Putting aside your feelings for the sake of someone else’s is not always a good thing.  You destroy the inner beauty, the very soul that lives within you and you can never take it back.  I am such a victim; I can tell you my heart has never been the same.  read the epic


a post taken from a book i wrote once and never published: 13 chaos – when you stop you lose

How is this possible?  Can you really be strong and weak at the same time?  Yes my fellow bloggers, friends, family and social networks; there is humanity!

We all go through life experiencing ups and downs, sorrows, defects, successes, etc

And I have come realize as well, we can be strong when faced with challenges and weak when we are faced in love.  read the epic