Can We Truly Find The Center of our own Universe

a recent comment on my blog made me think, it was asked how i clear my head before i write and my response was i don’t. that is what makes this writing so unique because that i think of, i write. this is what this my reality is all about, seeing, feeling and writing whatever i experience. good or bad, it must be written in order to keep it real.

sometimes we learn, sometimes we question every moment of our lives but here in the now, we write it and determine what is necessary for our well being. i think my conditioning this week has been really focused on simplicity. avoiding chaos at best and hoping to find some very important questions, confidence and a lifetime of achievements seem to have been consuming my every thought.

what am i doing with it all, where is this all going and most of all what is my purpose? to be truly happy in life we must find our center, find something that makes us want to get up and fulfill. faking it and making it is not the answer but being authentic in everything you say or do is the key to unconditional living. i never pretend to be something i am not and i certainly do not say anything that is false. although my words shock people from time to time, most understand the nature of my words and have learned to accept this balance about me.

in 2008, i remember writing about my bleeding heart and i can honestly say it was the most epic time because it brought me to this moment. learning, teaching, expressing my inner voice and creating some kind of foundation. there is still one memory that lingers in my mind and i wonder what my life would have been like had i chosen a different road. as it would seem, everything has a place and time and they say we are here because it was meant to be.

a friend of mine believes there is a bigger plan for all of us, as i respect his words, i am glad he sees this life in his own way and truly believes in his passions. many people i meet on a daily basis find me here because they inspire my thoughts and understanding of this world.

the deeper meaning may never come but i can be grateful that i can share something of importance and hope that the people who read this will find some serenity or feeling of comfort. always remember, being yourself is key to being epic. keep it real and the rest will follow!