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they say change is good and for whatever reason, yesterday i went all #epic on my hair. i cut it all off.

call it #menopause or whatever but it was driving me nuts. it gets heavy and out of control and i thought what the hell, it will grow back. which brings me to the reality of life. have you ever done anything so crazy out of your normal? i used to do many out of control things when i was younger, the adventure, the dare and most of all because i could.

as we age we stop doing the stuff that feels natural and only because we feel the judgement. i love music mostly because it comes naturally to me to learn a good song and because i can usually sing it. words, sound, especially if it makes me feel good, i will play it over and over until i have out done it. my latest epic song is #cake by the ocean, it is so funny, a bunch of people on the beach diving into a big giant cake. good tune.

i can’t remember the last time i had real fun. life has become very stressful for me and for some reason instead of moving forward into simpler times, i am living in more chaos. how do i stop this? maybe it isn’t about stopping it but more the why it is happening? why is everything getting to me at the slightest little disaster? i thought as we grow older, we lessen our loads. feeling very frustrated, i know i have to find some kind of way to free myself of all the bullshit.

i guess my #epicthoughts today are finding ways to relieve the normal.

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