Bullies and Bullshit

there is no easy way to explain my frustration and the best I can do is express myself here only because out there in the real world, people would either judge or get really insulted.

I think society really sucks on so many levels. bullies, assholes, you can rhyme off all the alphabet, I meet them day in and day out and few I have never met but I hear about indirectly make my spine squirm. why can’t people just be f””cking nice? I guess it is to hard to ask, even the smallest thing, a compassionate feeling or even getting off the bitchy horse once in a while. my heart breaks when people are so mean and rude, its no wonder I don’t feel like smiling these days.

Winter AestheticI try with all my might to be happy and joyful but for some odd reason, there is always something or someone around the corner making life as miserable as possible. I know what you are saying, let it go, ignore it but there is no ignoring the fact that some people live like this, constantly having back luck or getting shit on.

I for one can tell you, I am living the ultimate lie, deception is my first name these days, making everyone think all is great when in fact I am the most miserable person. I can’t explain the reasons but I am very aware of the “why”. fixing this is not an option, therefore I live each day as it comes and someday maybe things will change for me.

I would like to add that if you are feeling the same way, you are not alone. feel free to contact me and let’s chat up a storm.