Build Your Foundation

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I have not spoke about relationships in a long time. So focused on life and work that the ideal relationship, whether between personal or professional has just been a shadow. At one time or another, you just realize that the people who matter most will be there. i guess you could say, you become confident enough to know that whatever bullshit you are going through, the one’s closest to you will accept you unconditionally.

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what remains true is that you must not forget them. take a moment and remember where you are, who is by your side and whom you trust will stick every detail of life your with you. my worries lately are about being successful at home and laying down the law of attraction within. self motivation has never been easy as it is always about making a pay check, paying the bills and making sure the necessities are met.

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Then the truth settles in and you want to be better than you are. The next step is fine that happy place again and become the person you want to be. none of this hiding behind what is fact and what is the reality.

All i am saying is you must start somewhere, build the life you want and be happy with your results.


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