the start of a new week and my thoughts are completely on vacation time. this thursday i embark on another journey to Texas, i love it there, it is a totally different atmosphere and the people are quite interesting.

i find myself learning new things every time i travel and this trip i am sure will be another epic adventure. i am also thinking of the responsibilities i have here at home and how i find myself worrying about the future. some people do not seem the least bit worried and i am thinking they should be. in one way, they have left me in charge of their future, not getting involved what so ever but on the other hand, their input seems grim. i am totally concerned that maybe they feel as though nothing will change therefore they don’t care.

this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

this makes me feel as though i am working so hard for something and the people are less receptive than i expected. some are very concerned but do not wish to get involved for whatever reason. i ask the question:” should you not be concerned with your future? questioning what will be the outcome?”

you would think.

i am a very disciplined person and when i take on a project, i see it through. that’s just me; this one is a very difficult task but i am sure it will be a very big learning experience. all i can do is present it and see where it will take me.

in the meantime, i am packing my bags, paperwork and all and can’t wait to be in the warm sunny weather.