blank feeling

words said out loud can forever hurt someone. words put on paper last a lifetime. but what about the words that are never said?

ever get the feeling that sometimes people do not tell you things that otherwise they should, that something doesn’t fit the profile. i have a gift, i can see things that others don’t and i know when people are ultimately hiding something from me. i also can tell when a person isn’t quite truthful to their nature.

maybe it should be a curse because knowing some of this makes me crazy in some way but i use it to my advantage. can you imagine for just one moment if all our thoughts and feelings could be said out loud, real thinking, real words?

But isn't it so much better when you've got someone who loves you to help rebuild?:

would you be in that very place your are now, would be able to face those whom surround yourself with every day and could be honest about everything?

what do you think the circumstances would reveal?

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