black and white or is it

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the hardening of ones’ soul is called touch love; you do everything you can to make sure that no one sees your weak points. they call it getting a backbone. but what happens when at one point or another you become so overwhelmed with life, that backbone is a time passed?

you try and try, making each day count and when shit hits the fan over and over you take the punch and tell yourself, keep it simple. you basically become the robot of existence. you become that one person no one likes, no one respects and especially no one loves. people are always telling you that life is all about fighting for what you want, that everything is out of our control and we should always see the positive in every situation.

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how black and white is this?

therefore becoming something you are not seems to be the norm in any given situation and we the people walk around never really knowing who we are or how we really got here because we just don’t give a shit being we followed the norm.

what we learn about life and our self worth

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there are times, when push comes to shove, you just to decide to do whatever makes your clock tick. i took time out last night to relax and the funny thing is, i was texting pretty much everyone i know because i wanted them to see what they were missing.

they were probably sitting there saying who gives a shit but instead they would reply with good feelings and thoughts. i wondered why they didn’t say what they really were feeling, “like i don’t give a shit” but no, i got hope you are having fun. i wish sometimes i could leave the world behind without our gadgets for one whole day but communication is all about texting and emails.

i had been feeling very discouraged lately feeling as though life had thrown me a curse and the reason for the escape was just that. i guess the people who i believe to care about me were somewhat worried and that is why i reached out. to make sure they knew i was keeping my sanity in check!

what did i learn? taking extra time out is one of the best remedies of stress; we often get overwhelmed with the challenges of the world and we need to escape.


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