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there is so much tension and lack of epic reality these days, i wonder how we can survive. humans are condition in a way only they themselves see fit. lack of respect is one of the most powerful characteristic i see in my daily living and for me there is no justification for it.

why can’t we just be respectful of others?

i never judge others for their beliefs, ways of living, way of dressing or even how a person speaks. this my friends is definitely called unconditional. there is no way in hell that i can ever stress enough how others can’t grasp this concept of mine. however, i am not without hope that some day, i will accomplish this big task.

believe me, if we all thought in this way, this world would be a much better place. but as we all know, humans are who they are and we cannot change anyone. what is best is the way we approach close minded people and entertain their lives.

all you need to do is consider the possibility that you and only you can be as epic as you want. strive for the ultimate life and consider others in your daily lives.

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