.being susceptible to people

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we all know love can come in many shapes and form, i spoke of it yesterday and when someone makes you feel like shit, you ask yourself the obvious question: “what did i do”

i can tell you this from experience that being hurt by love is one of the hardest things you will ever have to endure. it tears your mind, body and soul to say the least. a long time ago, when i started writing, it was all about the break up. it really proved to be a guidance for me as i was able to say the things i wanted to say and didn’t really care who was reading.

i was able to share my ultimate feelings whatever they were and i can say i was better for it.

sharing your most inner passions, hurts, losses can expand your mind and understanding of this great epic love. it not only allows you to release the negativity but it opens another door. the power to find yourself.

we never want to dig that deep because we fear the things we have buried for years. when some thing surfaces, then you have to face the reasoning behind it. what i know is this, the truth always prevails and then you get to see the true colors of people.

when you open your heart to people, you allow yourself to be vulnerable and susceptible to pain and suffering because you will trust.

people have hurt me all my life, probably why i don’t have close friends and i am no stranger to this. i also know how others have been destroyed by words, actions and even meanness of others.

it boils down to their own experiences, some do it on purpose, others do it unconsciously.

what i no longer tolerate is the people who are toxic in my life. i want a peaceful and simple life and i can’t afford anything else.

the one thing you can put your whole heart into is knowing that somewhere, someone will stand by you and love you unconditionally. if you are lucky enough to have and understand that, keep it.

today your epic lesson is this: “be careful who you allow into your life, one day, you will see their true colors and in the end, they will destroy a little piece of you if you do not make yourself aware of their intentions.”


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