Be who you are not what it is expected

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lately, i have been thinking about truth and how people react when they see a different side of your personality.

it isn’t different but just a decision to be true to yourself. what people perceive is an illusion of what they expect you to be and there is a sudden shift, they wonder what happen and question your life. acceptance of another human being’s way of life is vital to keeping the peace. but what if you can’t ?

what you need to keep in mind is people are all of their existence and live their life the they see fit.  what you do need to do is create your own world not according to the norm but what works for yourself. finding that true existence can benefit not only your well being but suppress any fictional  facade.

today, i can say it is a step in the right direction when you realize your true nature and personality.  keep it real and you keep it free.


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