in the real world, we can’t please everyone, we all know this to be fact but my bitch today is the people who want shit and can’t bother to do the leg work. they are so eager to point fingers or mouth off all kinds of sentences that make no sense or have no logic.

i guess the reality is maybe the issues are deeper than we could even imagine.

when life hits you with struggle, the only thing to do is to really examine the major factors. how is the old saying ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ so relevant to this idea because that’s exactly it. on the surface we see what we want to see and never examine the possibility that there is more to this issue.

irregardless of this, people should still have the respect and knowledge behind every question. if not then you must say it out loud, i do not know. once the answer is clear then of course say it like it is. even so, there will always be someone somewhere saying the complete opposite of your answer even if it is factual.

in the end i believe trust in what you know, trust in how you feel and don’t give a shit about the opposition  unless it is of value. always count on your own instincts and understanding because no one else. that is the reality of life.