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    let’s get real this morning! enough with the bullshit banter about what is politically correct and what isn’t. in this day and age, people should be more open to anything and I don’t mean violence or criminal acts but real shit.

    this world has gone totally buzzer, seriously. where do we draw the line and banning certain Christmas songs because it offends someone? how about all the other songs or for that matter anything remotely relating to a sexual nature? 

    the epic fact is if you are offended by something, even though it maybe personal, we have to be totally unconditional. all people are different; men, women, children, teachers, you name we all make this world go around.

    I realize also the governments have put certain laws against any politically correct and incorrect way of talking but let’s get very real. if you think for one minute that most people are not offended at one point or another by some remark someone made or the way they present themselves, well you need to come back into the 20th century!

    what is right or what is wrong is solely based on an opinion and people have taken this to far now. for centuries, we have been singing, talking and bantering about many issues and if you look at it carefully, you can turn anything into a sexual innuendo.

    I speak from experience.

    because I have a dirty mind, does make me a bad person, doesn’t not make me correct or incorrect or disrespectful, it’s makes me realistic! today, and for many generations, sex has been the most natural symbol for human contact and conditioning. our business, shopping malls are filled with sexual items, clothing and naughty and nice and no one bitches about that. 

    if I was to walk into a Victoria secret store and say that I am offended by their mannequins, do you think they would block the windows?

    I think not.

    all that has to be said is this: if you can’t deal with certain ‘inappropriate’, then take a look around. maybe just maybe you need to shelter your life and be less critical. find a happy medium and accept that life is full of offensive things. it doesn’t warrant banning life!


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