balance of life and love

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ever feel as though you haven’t quite gotten the ‘nack’ for inner peace?

i do all the time…drives me crazy.

the subject of the week self love and i truly believe if you are willing to change the things you can and admit defeat, you are loving yourself unconditionally. the ones’ that have no respect for it, need to find their own balance and serenity. we often also blame ourselves for the troubles in our lives, thinking if i had done this or said this or take a different path, maybe shit would be different. however, i also believe we do these things and make these choices in order to learn and grow.

no matter what people say to me, i still feel lost without my love for another and know deep down it takes two to make any relationship work. but it doesn’t mean i don’t hurt because for obvious reasons, rejection plays a big part in my life. i can’t understand it; i do all the right things, play my cards as i feel them and yet get the ‘sack’.

so is it a reminder to myself that maybe just maybe the other person is standing still and no longer wishes to see the light? or am i just living in a fantasy world hoping prince charming will get his fucking act together.

seems i have written this story before but this one has a new twist on it.


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