A Waterfall Flows

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so most people take something and never question it. they do or say or feel in their own moment and that is just the way it is. others, will analyze something until they can no longer find any reasoning only because their probably isn’t any in the first place. then there are those who cannot accept the reality of certain situations, thought, ideas, differences and when taken out of context, they can’t seem to believe any realistic reasoning.

i see the people take the smallest thing and turn into a big story and i keep asking myself, for what?

although i live an unconditional life i keep wondering why some people can’t just live with the fact life is life and most of them are wasting their time on issues that really does not bring value to one’s well being.

i have been away this week, 13 hours far from home, near the Atlantic eastern coast, trying hard to stay away from my social media and writing, to bring serenity to my life. today, i am spending some much needed time catching up but also a little alone time to just grasp the surroundings. if you can imagine this, a stream flowing off of a mountain, through the yard where i am staying and all you hear is this water, a few birds and the light sound of wind. while i realize the rest of the world is going on around me and many miles away, i am taking this moment to be one with myself because it is important. it isn’t enough to just go on vacation and be somewhere else. you have to find a place of peace and capture the essence of letting all the mess in your head go and find that middle.

yesterday i also had time to do this, sitting on the deck in the same spot, catching up on my sleep. i guess the sound of the water does relax the mind and if only for that hour, i felt very refreshed and calm in my head. i have been here many times before on the lake but as i grow older, things change and so do these moments. yesterday i was also thinking of the past with memories that seem so distant now. the mirror images still dwell in my mind but i leave them exactly where they are, it came, it happened it’s gone.

so for today i leave you with this epic lesson: we cannot build a better mind if we are constantly running what if’s. do the whatever and be at peace.


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