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.good days | where are they now

yesterday was probably one of the worse days i have had in a while; emotions flaring, shouting at people in front of me, venting wasn’t enough to get rid of what i was feeling.…

.flush and don’t look back

this is truly funny as i have been working on this for quite some time now and for the life of me, i think simple is boring but it has its’ perks.…

the big white noise

simplicity | the art of simplifying your life and giving it meaning.

i remember a time when i went back to school | to get a college degree | in 2008 | at the time it was a proud moment for me.…

letting go of what no longer serves a purpose

i thought i knew everything about unconditional love and the power it holds. what i didn’t realize is that when you see signs that it no longer serves you | meaning is fulfilling your core | we must let it go.…

selective thoughts


how can you describe the way you feel on any given moment?

i spent much of the night awake thinking about all kinds of things in my life and how i can manage my thoughts better.…

negative emotions

negativity | the expression of criticism of or pessimism about something.  (source)

when someone aspires to do great things and knows he or she is capable of anything, we call that ambition.…

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