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.there’s no place like home

after setting off on another adventure these past few days, away at a lake side, leaving my laptop at home, i realized how even though i have a strict routine every day, i can really detach from it.

so often …


.epic truth

how to be true to you? i see this all over, people pinning, facebook quotes, selfies and yet we still have some who hide behind a shadow. there is so much inspiration out there, why are some still suffering in …


uncontrollable feelings

as we start a new week i want to share with you very personal feelings.

my thoughts are everywhere, the feelings of anxiety, forgetting things, can’t keep one thought in my head and i feel as though i have been …


.yes or not


part of being adults is creating a life we really deserve and want. the hard part is getting there and with no doubt in mind, somethings are harder to achieve.

to see people suffer in silence is one of the …


Upfront and Personal


Do you know what bites my ass? people who lie, cheat, say things that make no sense in order to make themselves feel better.

I hate fake people – why can’t we all just be who we are and say …