sex love or romance

Originally posted 2014-01-13 11:58:26.

i used to believe i knew everything about true love, what it was, what it represented and how to see the signs. i guess over the years, love for me has faded and on the odd occasion when i feel i have rediscovered what was lost, i see it only as a imagine of what once was.… want to know the rest?

.what do i know

Originally posted 2014-01-10 09:06:11.


really, i am not kidding. i have been writing shit for years about relationships, life, love, past experiences and still i ask that simple question:  is it all worth it?

i used to thrive on knowledge, knowing is growing as they say and for what this is worth, i can’t imagine why i would want to learn any more.… want to know the rest?