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why do people give up

failure is inevitable sometimes and i have seen it in many shapes and forms. it is easy to be negative when you feel as though nothing good is happening in your life. i remember a … Read the rest


in life, we all need something to believe in (sounds like a song) and sometimes we just need courage.

if we go through life never attempting anything, why are we here?

growing up, i never … Read the rest

Wanting something better

we all strive to be better, to be something we are not or is it just society that makes us want these ideas?

i can remember a time when simplicity or it seemed simple was … Read the rest

How far would you go to get noticed

in today’s society, i believe people say or do things to get noticed. be it as i may seem, some things said are slanderous and can cause pain or hurt feelings.

i truly see the … Read the rest


there are times when decisions can be the hardest thing you live through because no matter how you map it out in your mind, shit always happens.

the one thing that keeps me focused when … Read the rest

.it is what it is and it all happens for a reason

frustrating times are a part of life.

what we do with them becomes our very center. if we react to every little disturbance, we might as well lay down and never really live. a friend … Read the rest

.just a moment in time

life can reveal many things, people say whatever they want, how you perceive it becomes your epic reality.

we often commit to things we would not normally do and the reasons may be of good … Read the rest

.things have to change

what is life if you don’t live your own life?

people can say what they want, give their opinions, tell you exactly what you don’t want to hear but in the end, this is your … Read the rest

Page 42 of 52

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