for the sake of keeping the peace

[T]hey are called two face people, the one’s that keep the peace for the sake of how they really feel. but how does this help any self loving situation?

[I]believe the truth may hurt but it is better than living a lie. when you don’t like someone and can’t stand to be around them why not just compromise the situation. it isn’t that you want to make it harder than it is but you want … want to know the rest?

.taking a time out

as children, we all know parents put us in a time out as punishment for bad behavior. honestly, as an adult, we should this more for our own well being. it really wasn’t a bad behavior situation but it was really about giving the adult a period of relax and quiet.

the reality is most of us do not consider the possibility we all need some ‘time out’ from our daily living. we either feel … want to know the rest?

.new inspirations unfold

part of growing is knowing what is right for your own well being. i have been writing this for years now and sometimes i forget to do this myself.

it came to me, in a big way this weekend, how unhealthy i am and i am so suffering for it. i really need to take a good look at what inspires my happiness, not only for myself but for the sake of others. it is … want to know the rest?

why we hurt the people we love or don’t love

pointing the finger at someone has been a big issue lately for me and sometimes when i am at a loss for words, it is because i am trying to find peace within.

most people do not realize that when someone accuses you of something, whether it is true or not, the reason you feel so upset and alienated is because deep down there is something within yourself you do not see. for years i … want to know the rest?

where have i been

what and where has worth been?

busy. life happens and my writing has suffered for it but much needed attention was needed elsewhere. good things come to those who wait but sometimes if you wait to long, things, people and life disappears.

so here i am…

what’s new? well in the recent weeks, self worth has been in play for me; discovering deep down issues that i must say were very surprising.  i realized that … want to know the rest?