we deal with all kinds of people and for what it is worth, we must accept each and everyone for who they are and what they do.

this is called unconditional

how hard is that? very.

i get very frustrated when i see people who can’t fix a simple thing or can’t organize shit the way i perceive it. i guess i am a creature of organization and when i see people who can’t time manage or otherwise, i get really bent out of shape. in my eyes and mind it isn’t hard to do but failing to understand another person’s way of doing things makes me question my ability to live unconditionally.

there are days where i want to just scream out loud and tell them exactly what i think or feel and yet i stop myself because i know it would probably affect the given situation or hurt others.

why can’t we just be who we are and have others accept this nature?#epicquotes

i laughed too yesterday when i was told that because of the position i am in i have to be and act a certain way. does that remove all the reality from my life?

it sure does.

it restricts me in a way that breaks my inner spirit and it is unfortunate that i have to realistically live this way. i promote and write about being real, authentic and who you are when in fact i can’t be.

how fair is that?