As long as it Benefits us Who Gives A Shit

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in fairy tales, the girl always gets the man of her dreams. not matter which movie you watch, in the end, she gets it all.


women have to fight for everything they want! men ask:

“what do you want?” – it is as if the impossible seems so complicated to men. basically if you feed him, let him sleep in and give him sex, he is happy. the rest is just “yes dear.”

let me enlighten the situation; what do women really want. i can say i work with many women and i believe we all feel the same. even though most of us won’t say it out loud, i will be the voice who speaks because that is the kind of woman i am.

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it’s all about the love, the consuming kind of love that when you know your man can’t wait to see you, can’t wait to talk to you and listen ( ahah )

as long as it benefits us

the kind of love that allows you to conquer whatever and the kind of love that assures you that person will accept every part of your being.

as long as it benefits us

we want our men to feel that love and show it, we want him to understand that some days we just don’t feel right in our own skin but we want you to understand it really has nothing to do with you.

as long as it benefits us

we want you to communicate with us, tell us exactly how you feel and be direct. no games, no maybes, no silence.

as long as it benefits us

too often it is the woman who has to take a step back and ask themselves to many questions about men because we simply don’t understand what your signals are implying.

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so let’s face it…it’s really a matter of security, commitment and compassion.

as long as it benefits us!


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