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today I want to discuss business marketing and traffic; the internet is one of the most powerful tools we can have in the 20th century and even though there are millions of articles on how to build a blog and make money, I fail.

this in itself is a tragedy because so many people are successful. it isn’t as though I want to make millions but only to live a comfortable life. I feel as though I have been deceived, as so many times before with promises no one can keep and I yes here I am 3 years later still hoping to make epicreality the best of the best.

even writing, what is it now like 4 books and 5 lessons on living an unconditional life, also the a pure and honest book about menopause for those women who suffer with this horrible life experience and no one has even emailed me to buy this. I don’t know if it is something I am really doing wrong or just the fact that I am not that good. but I can tell you something, someone commented last night on my website and I was really impressed with his positive words and that my friends is what keeps epicreality alive!

as I search for more tools to keep it going, offering whatever advice I can give and trying not to give up on writing, I tell you this:

“at least I am honest and tell the readers the way life is and how you should look at it. most websites deceive, promises with empty results and I keep it real.”


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