Are you Selling out Authentic

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    i have been thinking about authenticity and how the world today is extremely fake. people portray people whom do not resemble their true nature. it makes me wonder how people can sell things and make money.

    let’s think for a moment.

    wouldn’t you rather buy a product or give real service rather than being deceived by scripted lines?

    I would.

    if a person is at least honest with you, tells you like it is, you will a better person for it in the end. it is all about honesty, the desire to see and feel it for it actually is but turn that around and make people believe in something more realistic.

    I have fun all the time, I make funny faces, present weird videos but at least the true meaning is if it makes you laugh, then I am happy. one the best medicines is laughter and if you can’t laugh for even 1 minute of your day, why are you even getting out of bed.

    be real. be authentic. be spirited.

    enjoy your life to the fullest.


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