are you having sex

Big subject this sex and one of my favourites; it makes me wonder why more people are giving up on the idea. We as humans need contact whether by hugs, touching, kissing and I think anyone who believes otherwise are simply in denial of their needs.

Physical limitations, medical issues may alter those sexual needs but I know it can be fixed. What I often see are couples forgetting or abstaining from it because they feel it isn’t a part of who they are. they believe that sex isn’t important or maybe they have been together so long they just feel as though it isn’t necessary. the reality is all humans want and need some sort of sexual release.

Best part, people who brag about having sex all the time and in reality don’t. Some individuals are so uncomfortable with sex they over compensate by announcing they are getting it. I wish people again would just be honest and tell it like it is. The problem is expectations of wanting everyone to be exactly how we want them to be is irrational.

What we need to do is know there are all kinds of situations that bring us closer or farther from each other. The end result is you really love someone you should indulge yourself and for those who are single, well find a way to get your sexual needs satisfied.

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