Are you happy?

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as it is getting closer to the holidays, yesterday i had a thought of how many things i want to get done before December.

we get busy, don’t we? throughout the year, we are so rushed with our everyday needs and wants we sometimes forget the important things. like ourselves! i know i am seriously in need of rest but as i keep pushing my way to the business at hand, many lists of things to do, i know in the end i will get it done.

it’s funny how years ago, i would have never figured me to be so organized in my own way. i am finally realizing how many qualities i have and how growing has taught me to appreciate my life. i especially was thinking of how important it is to do the things you love doing. one item comes to mind and it’s leading. i love to be a leader, planning events, organizing things that need to be done and for the most part creating structure.

money has always been a big issue for me, lack of i suppose, when sometimes i think if i had more i could really do many productive things more than i do now. i am sure most of us want to be rich and self absorb in luxuries. the thought of being so comfortable must come to mind at least once a day.

however, here in the real world, we must be realistic. all i keep thinking about though is this:

am i happy doing what i am doing? that is the question. can you honestly say you are happy with your current career?


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