Are You a Unicorn

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do you piss rainbows? have you ever met people that just make your skin itch?

I have many times and it is how you deal with them that makes you love it or leave it. we all have ambitions and some have more than others but there are some people who have an agenda.

at times, it can feel as though people are just out to get the best of you, suck the inner life out of your core and you can’t even begin to understand why. these people are on a path of self destruction and it is your job to detach yourself from this toxic “aura”.

we live in a world of power, money hungry business people whom work to just make a buck or two million and couldn’t care less about the next guy. I have seen it happen; people who work the front lines on any product or service are often pushed to the side lines without even a thought.

now, I don’t believe that all big companies are or will ever be in this form of destruction but more companies can and will forget the little people. some of you may already know this feeling and the point is, it makes you feel worthless.

I have great admiration for successful people but what I can’t tolerate are false ads that promise to make you big bucks! we all want that dream, the luxury of living a comfortable life and be stress free of money issues. I am struggling in this very moment but I can say that even though I am on the fence as to where my life will take me, I still have a little sense of reality knowing that whatever happens next is for a reason.

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