.and the rooster crows

i woke up this morning thinking what the hell am i doing in the house when i can be outside doing my writing. therefore, stepping out into the nice warm air is so amazing i can’t even begin to tell you how i can breathe easy. i feel very relaxed here, i think it’s the sea air, it has that affect on me.

so as i was setting up my little area, i listened for sounds. other than the planes flying over head every 10 minutes, i could hear a rooster this morning in the far distance. i giggled thinking, people who are closer to that rooster get woken up like that every morning. just funny to me!

as i have been up now for at least an hour, can’t seem to get on the different time zone, i can’t hear the rooster any longer. i wondered if he had woken everyone up and now he had gone back to bed. smart animal.

on another note, last night i was amazed, we went to see a christmas village all set up in a local park. it was absolutely beautiful and it was well designed. i took pictures of course and it seems strange to have christmas in the south without snow. i had a stupid thought then thinking because i am used to associated christmas and snow, there are other parts of the world that celebrate this holiday and do not have snow. brain fart i guess.

today, my third day here, we are going to one of my favorite places. nuevo progreso mexico. i love it because it is very cute, busy, lots of things i can buy and real authentic mexican souvenirs. take the pesos out!

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