“an authors ambition”

i truly believe ambition is one of my greatest traits.

i get an idea in my head and can’t put it down. this past week, i dusted off an old book i had written many moons ago and edited until my brain could no longer feel or think.


it is now ready! sometimes in life you just want to share stories, ideas, inspirations with others for the sake of just doing. i am that person. i want to know that my life had a purpose and being an author is one of the biggest ambitions i have.

as you already know, my current book, ‘it all happens for a reason’ is one of the biggest projects as it really goes deep into Epic Reality. i am really hoping a publisher will notice my work and make it public. if not i will self publish and hope people will buy it.

we all need inspiration, we all need a guide and sharing my life with others is something i take to heart.

please enjoy my newest project either paperback or on kindle.

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