anal people and words

my epic shit this morning finds me thinking about how judgmental people can be and what i should do about it. there is enough stress in the world without worrying that someone is talking behind your back however the fact remains, in life people have nothing better to do then say shit.

i guess the deeper issues are what lies behind this horrible situation, when people have their own personality conflict, they tend to find ways to hurt others by saying the most stupid crap. notice how i am using the word “shit” and “crap” – there’s a reason.

i don’t like gossip but when it comes to me, i like knowing everything and anything. i am concerned with some of the statements being said because it not only damages ones’ feelings but can really create a very bad review in light of everything. i believe as well intelligence plays a big role in this because smart people would not waste their time gossiping about others.

another thing is people minding their own business. why can’t people just stay out of others personal lives. they make it so apparent to cause complete chaos, talking shit like they know everything and for whatever reason feel it is their delight to get involved. i mean really, why can’t they just go about their business and leave it alone.

you could say i am on a rampage this morning but drastic emotions are all over the place because i am fed up with this society. ignorant people also drive me nuts. when was the last time you can remember when someone was nice to you? or said something positive? i can’t really.

therefore, my moral this morning is this: stay out of others business, deal with your own shit and stop talking shit you don’t know anything about.