an eye for an eye

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i’ve said it many times and i’ll say it again, people are only nice when they want something. they know how to manipulate any situation to get exactly what they want our of you or make you think they care.

i see this all the time and it usually is something we have no control of unless you realize it right away. the big reason i have no close friends is for that reason…you can never get hurt or rejected by setting out your own self expectations. people are brutal!

people burn you no matter what you do or say. they judge and make themselves out to be better than the rest of us. i guess you could same for any relationship, friends, family, spouses, neighbours, whomever. what i don’t appreciate are the those people especially take you for granted; when the truth comes out you see their true colours and that is when i step in and say:

“i was right about certain people and situations.”

so better to stay away from toxic people and do what it is you have to do to survive in this awful world. expectations is something else i have worked on for so long that i have learned to never expect anything in return when doing something nice for someone. usually they never comply or what to return the favour. those people are essentially looking to get what they want and suck the life right out of you.

when i do something for someone it isn’t because i want something in return, it is usually to benefit my given situation. i will admit everything and anything about my actions and do not find fault in it. at least i am honest and own up to my words.


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