.an explanation never understood

ever get the feeling sometimes that people just don’t get what you are saying? you try over and over to explain a need or a want and still you struggle with the end result. how can people be so unclear, especially when you describe something from a to z.

maybe it is because some of us do not know how to explain things or the fact that some may have a vision so clear in their head, they see nothing else. they do not even hear you when you are speaking; all they hear is bla bla bla!

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clearly, when verbal communication is at play, we must make sure the other person is getting the right words in their head. acting out, even getting them to repeat your needs and wants sometimes helps. unfortunately, in some cases, people just don’t hear what you are saying. it doesn’t matter how well you communicate, they have it in their brain to do it their way.

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i guess that is why the power of words are essential in any language and situation but it makes me wonder why for so many years, the reason i stayed silence was for that exact reason? knowing i would never be understood or that people did not care what i thought or felt, made me keep to myself. i am no stranger to acknowledging how different i am but at least i respect others and their feelings and thoughts on aspects of life.

i heard a saying once: ‘ change your tactics. ‘ find another way to express yourself and then maybe people will understand.


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