Am I Worthy

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Blank: My word of the day.

I had read a blog post some time ago by a great inspirational woman Lynda Wolfe who wrote a about “Identifying your feelings”.  Lately, I have been searching for mine, looking deep inside yourself is very hard.  There are demons within that you may not want to identify, nonetheless, I am looking.  What I have found so far is that, I realized I am a human being, I have emotions, feelings, needs and most of all love.  I have been shot down for my writing, working out the dreadful hurts I have, expressing my most personal thoughts on the blog and still I sit here and think, who has the right to do this to me?  Who has the right to let me feel less worthy and as someone said ‘sickening’?

The message I am sending out today is this:  For those of you who cannot find the words, those of you who feel that writing your heart and soul here on your blog or in an email to a friend, DO IT ANYWAYS!!!

I have realized that there are people who care and people who read (especially me); I also know, that I am special, I am unique and with the love of friends, social networks or even strangers who say nice things to me, I will survive and will be able to really smile again.  I will no longer be a victim, I will voice my thoughts, my feelings and know that somewhere, somehow, I will help another person and make them proud of who I am.


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