.all that is left in relationships

relationships…one day you wake up and realize what you are looking for is impossible, then you are left with the feeling that maybe expectations play a big part in all this. i believe, any man or woman should have the right to want what they want and get it.

what makes me angry is that the ones we really want are either flawed or blind to what really matters. in any relationship, we must make sacrifices, they say, but i don’t believe that. i see it has taking a piece of your soul and shoving it far deep somewhere and forgetting it even exists. compromise is another word that on some level can be acceptable as long as you are not diminishing your values.

so what are we left with…

lately i have evaluated all options of my relationships and see a big patterns. i want certain things that mean so much to me and for some reason the only way to get them is on my own, single term. meaning, living alone. i cannot have exactly what i want living with another man or even being in a relationship. so the question is am i incapable of compromise? YES. to a certain degree. the things i want may not matter to the other partner but on the other hand that partner should see that my needs are not being met. therefore, it boils down to compatibility.

so why do we choose people who are not right for us? in my case, they love me but not enough to make compromises, they admit to being attracted but only on their terms and time, they are flawed with delusions of being perfect in their own special way or they don’t care about their way of living.

my brother was right…i need to make a list. pro’s and con’s – where i went wrong with all this men issues. realistically, my thoughts are that …(to be continued)

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