Admit Your Shortcomings

i sat in my pool yesterday thinking of several things that have been troubling my mind. work, friends, family and mostly my well-being.

i am a creature of ambitions, validations and ultimately i feel need to be successful all of the time. when i don’t feel this rush of importance, i look for answers in different scenarios. over thinking is one of my famous qualities, something i should never do because it only disrupts my self-love. i think that most of the time is spent doing this and probably why i am exhausted.

i also did something that needed to be said to someone because it spoke the truth but far too many times i said just the opposite. i just hope that my words were not taken out of context for fear of the outcome.

in business, my attempts to be better have failed and i find myself wondering if the strategy is all wrong. as i sit this morning expressing these thoughts i am considering another road, which will lead me one way or another. i am not sure on my decision and as i look for inspirations and answers, i am reminded of my ultimate goal.