achievements loss unless there is purpose

achievements are created by hope, dreams and determination; once the achievement is no longer attainable, we lose our site of a better future.

as we grow up, we do things to be great, to prove to our parents we can accomplish anything with their guidance and strength. when we become parents ourselves, we struggle with giving strength and guidance in hopes to show our children we can make them proud. the circle of life has a funny way of showing us our own vision.

as i look back in my past life and my present, i have done everything possible to the best at everything. i used to believe my purpose was constantly achieve greatness to prove to everyone that i was a somebody. now, i have seen that has just exhausted me in a way that i can no longer see what it is that i need in my own personal growth.

what did i learn from this? as a wonderful man told me the other day: ‘i need to learn attitude, not to give a fuck about anything and just do what i want for myself.’

the one thing i do pride myself on is my job; i work in public transportation and for most of the time, these people rely on me to take them wherever they need to go, safely and in a timely manner. yesterday, it finally clicked in that no matter how hard we try at this job, life happens, things happen that are out of our control but we still have to keep the ball rolling as best as we can. the hard part is trying to make these individuals realize that but when you work in the public, people are very routine and when you mess that up, they get all frustrated and blame the first person they come in contact with – YOU!

therefore, i think of a circle, a circle can never be broken. stay in your own circle, achieve what you feel worthy of yourself and you will find your own purpose.

mine is love!