Accepting life for what it is

tired of being someone your are not?

me too and lately, i feel as though i have went back in time when all did was for others.

i am struggling with this as fire lit my ass yesterday it was a complete melt down at home and at work. in my professional life, we must keep our ‘facade’ as we call it and sometimes it is completely impossible. i was so upset over a personal situation that i could not keep my form at work. i was faced with piers who seen me in this form and i was totally embarrassed. however, being they understand even the strongest person can have a melt down from time to time, it still doesn’t matter to me.

we often go through life struggles and know in our gut that something isn’t right. we ponder all the scenarios and still for some reason come up with the same answer. however, i am also a person of commitment and when that happens, in my situation, although i am not comfortable with the outcome, i stand by that commitment. unfortunately it opens another door of self growth. if i am trying to make my life better, inside and out, why am i sacrificing my happiness to please others?

i’ll tell you why. because it is what it is and when you make choices you have to live by them. you may not always like them, but you must find a happy medium. look, i am not some great philosopher or doctor with a PHD, but i do know and have learned many ways to calm the inner soul of my own. making myself happy comes in many forms and i know there will always be times when i can’t handle a situation.  the key is to remember, i guess, that i am human, i make mistakes, i don’t know everything and i can always ask for help!

at this very moment, i do not know my future, i can only hope it will all happen for a reason.

( my book title by the way, if you haven’t read it, buy it)