it is what it is | acceptance

driving to ambition, living for hope, determination because we, believe in something

i believe most people are disillusioned by their own personal experiences, thinking that either they can make a difference in the world or be greater than they are. my thoughts and feelings are  they are hiding from the reality of life. they don’t want to deal with the fact that our lives are not that exciting, that we have to just live our lives according to what is normal and most of all they really don’t tune in to reality.

i have been following this course on-line with Brendon Burchard and i have to say i am really tuned in this morning. i wondered what hit him over the head to make him the way he is and how he can wake up every morning with this profound happiness he has. is it because he has convinced millions of people how to be great and get rich from it? or are their deeper issues that he himself does not face.

someone like Brendon, celebrities, i believe live in fantasy worlds and they are so deep into it, they can’t grasp the normal. it’s out of their reach! i laugh every time i see them on television trying to live normal lives, shying away from cameras and oh…”time alone with their families”. i bet they would take back all that fame for just one moment to like the rest of use who live in the normal world.

defining normal: get up, drink coffee, go to our job which we know the only reason we do it is to survive the massive cost of living and at the end of the day, catch a little boob tube or check our social networks, then bed.

how exciting is that?

i guess i have decided to become a realist; i have to accept that things are as they are because it is what it is.