A Time When I fell to Pieces

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some of the great loves of our lives will never be explained, especially when they don’t last. I heard or rather remember an old song from way back when I believed in true love. blinded by unrealistic love, those thoughts still haunt me from time to time. I wonder what the hell I was looking for or what I believed to be true love.

my friends, when you are in an unhealthy relationship, fog sets in and until you really come out of that fog, you will never understand it. although my life has changed dramatically since that time, I still feel as though parts of me will never forget.

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there are certain areas of our lives we want to forget or push deep into the mist but I hate to tell you, those experiences are what makes a person grow. we start to understand what are shortcomings indicate and how we can improve them. some of us never learn and continue down a path of destruction. to find true love is a gift and if that other person does not feel the same, you are bound by an eternal hurt.

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you can remind yourself of things, places and even songs when the moment comes but then you must let it go only because it isn’t good for your well-being.


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