The truth will set you free

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do you have a secret that is eating you up inside and if revealed may break a relationship?

i landed on my favorite epic inspiration Oprah life class lessons, watching the lesson below it made me very aware of something i have been keeping a secret. in any relationship, we must at all cost be honest not only with ourselves but with our partner and the reality is we don’t always tell each other everything i believe for fear it might hurt the other person. but when something literately makes you sick and you can no longer keep this secret or feeling how do you handle it?

my personal and fearful reality is that sometimes it is best to leave it and let go. however, when something is physically affecting your lifestyle i believe it is best to just say it out loud. how do we approach a negative feeling in order for the other person to understand it is without unintentional hurt but more to grow in the relationship. personal growth sometimes means you have to tell the people you love unconditionally the truth about something in order to set yourself free. free of guilt, free of insecurities, free of insanity.
i believe the reason we wait so long to tell someone something is that we feel as though that other person will not understand and they will reject us or worse stop loving us | one of my biggest fears is never to be loved.

so we go about our daily lives thinking it will disappear but really it is just put on the back burner until one day your feelings or that one thing you want to say out loud will be revealed because in a moment of weakness. what happens then is the bomb! you blow up, blurt out everything and fail to really accomplish what you set out to do. freeing yourself and balance the negative and turn it into a positive.

i have done this so many times and never really got anything out of it. i felt as though i had just blasted all my feelings and in order to feel better only, i found myself feeling worse for saying exactly how i felt about something. but let’s be honest, if we don’t learn to speak our truths, then how are we supposed to grow?


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