what i see, no one else does. what i feel, no one else can. as life progresses, we look at what we have become and where we want to be but we cannot seem to live for what is here and now. we are so busy talking about mistakes we’ve made in the past, so that we do not repeat these events again for our future, that we simply forget what is good in the now.

i see so much difference in what i used to believe and how it is has affected me, that it makes me question every minute of my life. experiences are something you live to get a better perspective of what is to come. however, if you think to far ahead, you can destroy what is real. i guess one can never anticipate what will happen next; all we know is that we are here and doing the best that we can with what we have and the life that has been handed to us.

my thoughts lately are very scattered; since i took my big trip, i have realized that my perspectives are very different. there are things i want now that never seemed possible. i totally feel as though i want to explore more and live the life that should have been granted to me. i guess my biggest fear is that if i see it to big, i may disappoint myself as the end of the road because i didn’t see the reality well enough. this goes for all aspects of my life; love, friendships and people.

so my thoughts for today: is the dream bigger than we ourselves can understand and see or are we just in the right place in the right time?