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ever get the feeling that life is full of shit? I do, everyday. you think things are great and shit just happens. why are we here, what are we doing and what is the motivation for staying in the same way we have always lived.

now that all sounds depressing and psycho but I am telling you, when life hits you the wrong way, these are the question that fill your already messed up brain. I can’t tell you why there are times I feel as though my life isn’t what it is supposed to be only to tell you, I feel as though I am in the wrong movie.

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I was watching this new show last night and I wanted a giggle. boy did I giggle! the name is:

The Kominsky Method  

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it is a light but funny comedy of the reality of getting old. what hit me while watching this was the idea that I felt nothing for this poor character who loss his wife. nothing! I have really lost my sympathy and feelings toward death. people get so wound up when someone dies; I mean really, it should be a great relief if it because of sickness.

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the reality is the cycle of life is just that and if you miss your present moment, well you die. there is no better way to say it; remember the ones who came and went but don’t forget the ones who are sitting right beside you living in the this life. I highly recommend you watch this; just sit for a night and look at season one. you will see that your life is probably really great and just for a moment, be in this moment.


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