A Life, A Thought and Something in Between

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as you may have noticed, things change around this website quite a bit. funny thing is, I notice the mood of life when life finds me searching for the correct perspective.

I am by no means a perfect writer or blogger but I try. I guess for years now, it has been my constant companion sorta speak only to express my experiences. I also like turning things around but when shit doesn’t work, all hell breaks loose!

let’s get back to blogging…

when life hits you with uncertain situations or feelings of relentless disappointment, your spirit runs along side of it. maybe we strive so much to be better and worthy of a good life and in the end, it isn’t meant to be. some of us are lucky in many ways; good things happen to those people all the time and for whatever reason, this I believe creates balance. But why do the rest of the people of the world have to suffer in so many ways. why do bad things have to really happen? why are just puppets of society and have no control over what good can come of anything?

Nosotros Somos Quien Somos: Mar abierto

this all sounds very bad to me but I can assure you, for those who are blessed with a fruitful life have no idea what it’s like to suffer, do not realize either that even though most of us have worked really hard at trying and fail.

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today, again, just around the corner is another example of bullshit and yesterday I kept thinking maybe, just maybe, I need to stop wishing for good things to happen because no matter how high I get, no matter how good something seems right, I have been cursed with crap!

existence is somewhat unclear and the motivation has completely left the building. one that keeps lurking is why is good people not allowed to have the life it deserves?

Can You Relate? Check This Out!  Turn it off

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