A goal and A plan

when we want something, we must have a plan. the only way to accomplish a life goal is to have this plan in place and if for some reason it gets altered, you just revise the plan.

i believe anything is possible with these two key factors. i have excelled on achieving many things and honestly it is the only way to get anywhere in life. wanting special things, living the dream is all about having a plan. once you realize how attainable something is when you put your mind to it, there is nothing impossible.


when the phrase ‘the sky is the limit’ is used, it is not only inspirational but the truth when it comes to achieving a goal. being realistic in another factor, time is a key ingredient as well because we all know, shit doesn’t happen over night. unless of course you win the lottery and you can pretty much buy anything you want. but the lack of gives you ambition to do things on your own and the end of the day, when you get what you wanted or needed, you realize you did this by determination and great planning.

every day life is a struggle no matter how you look at it, nothing is easy. from one day to the next, we do not know what can happen but i truly believe being in the moment also requires some kind of look into the future, sorta speak.

questions you ask yourself:

what do i want? what am i willing to do to get it? and how long will it take?

if you can answer this, you are on the right track.

live, love and be honest about everything and i guarantee your life will be fulfilled.