A Commitment To Be Happy

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I found this article and wanted to share it, only because it is exactly what i am going through. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

“i’ve often heard that happiness is an inside job and much of the time, i can be as happy as i decide to be. yet i’ve often found happiness fleeting. i know it’s unrealistic to expect to be happy all the time but i think i might achieve this goal much more often if i made a firmer commitment to my decision to be happy. instead, i choose happiness and then abandon my choice at the first sign of trouble. how deep can my commitment be if i allow even slight obstacles to rob me of my sense of well-being?”

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commitment takes work.

my personal view of this writing

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i have always been committed to all that i do and people i am with. if i think about it, it is exhausting to remember the things i used to do just to keep my relationships happy. the sad part is i was never happy because something was always off. either i wasn’t getting exactly what i needed out of the relationship or i hated when things weren’t happy – period! i always saw trouble as a sign of weakness in the relationship, that because something was wrong or not just right, we were doomed to fail and should not be together.

the hard part is hoping that the other partner will see this in a positive way and want to make things work for both. you have to love someone enough to want to work at it, otherwise, you are just wasting valuable time for both parties.

i am so willing to make the commitment, open up my communication skills and learn to accept the things i cannot change, that it had to be written down. i don’t know why this has opened my eyes and my heart but i am glad it did. the willingness to grow with another is very special to me and i want the security of knowing the other will commit to this too.


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