people hustling around with this wonderful Sunday upon us, Christmas Eve! here in Ontario, Canada we have been hit with a lot of snow and imagine people will be out shoveling in order to do any last minute shopping.

i wondered last night, as i did my own shopping, why people always wait until the last minute? but i guess, like myself, we are to busy working and can’t find the time or we just procrastinate it all. the roads were terrible and very slippery, however as crazy as i am, i needed to finish up my groceries so that i can cook up a storm for boxing day when i receive our children for lunch.

as you can well see by now, Epic Reality took on a face lift. for the last two days i have been debating my new look and hope that it is catching to the eye. i often do this because i like playing around with the different themes wordpress comes out with on a daily basis.

this brings me to today’s topic. change.

as we ring in the new year in a week, people want to find new ways of improving their lives, making better decisions and conveying messages that bring inspiration to others. maybe what they should be looking at is their own possibilities and ideas to undercover new blankets of happiness. i definitely need to find my center and way of bringing peace to my brain as i will be facing a very difficult challenge in 2018.

i have laid out the foundation for the project, let’s call it that, i will finish up the last minute paperwork and hope that i can represent these ideas in a positive way. i have approximately 30 lives or more in my hands and this project will be the future of their lives and of their families. my challenge with this is that not everyone agrees with it and i am afraid i will disappoint many people. however, most of the people in question have a lot of confidence in me and i am so grateful they see it that way. i will do my best to bring the compromise and fortune in one basket.

so my dear readers, i wish you all a great Christmas, be safe and be merry with all that you love and do. remember to be unconditional and real in  your moment.