54 and a list to accomplish

i came upon a post yesterday that made me stop and read. this was the best list i had ever seen in my life and i appreciated the writing because it made me realize there are still things i need to accomplish.

a must read – “50 Things Every Woman Should Have By Age 50”

i went through the list and checked off the things i did have or had done and to my surprise, there were things on this list i did not realize how important they were enough to seriously take a look at how i can accomplish this. well, i opened a page and copied them and now it seems i have a list to fulfill. pretty amazing.
often i speak about goals, a plan, things i need to get done but i wonder how many of us actually do it. i know when i travel, i always have a bucket list for short-term things i want to do or see. it makes me feel as though i can say at least i visited or attempted to do more than i would have.
the one item that stood out for me on this list was #9. A dream so big it scares you. 
i don’t think i have anything that really scares me but i certainly still have big dreams. whether i can get them accomplished is another thing. it is funny how i look over the years pass and think how i said so many times, i will never have this or i will never be able to get that and yet here i am with those memories.
as i am working on my new career, oh yes i have changed jobs and i am so happy and grateful about it, i’ll leave that for tomorrow’s post. i finally took a big leap and now that it’s out in the open with all the people that matter, i can talk about it.
as i was saying, i have more time to do the things i love and am seriously healthier mentally and physically which gives me back the life i should have. the reality is that knowledge is growing and now i know. live for you, do what you love and never underestimate the power of conditioning.