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    ever do crazy things in your life? things out of the ordinary that just makes you feel epic?

    i do that.

    a song, a moment, a time when nothing could stop you from living the life you want. what happens to those moments? i wonder why people just stop believing in all that is good and being themselves. i know that sometimes we are trapped in undesirable situations that make us pretend.

    i can remember a time when fun was my number one adventure, living in the moment, doing whatever comes naturally to me. entertaining others has been a character trait that i took on at an early age.

    this morning i heard a song that reminded me of some fun times and i had to share it. the details of that time are not important but the idea that at one time or another, i was a different person. i have become so boring because i am semi-retired – the new word for unemployed!

    today, looking for new ideas to bring that fun loving chick that fell off the train. it’s all about living, being the best that i can possibly be but i think it’s more about not having an audience.

    i miss my friends and people. i hope they remember the good stuff.


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    A writer who inspires to be living real life experiences.

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