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sometimes in life, we forget the small things, moments that make life worth waking up for.

we are so wrapped up in our busy lifestyles, noticing special things can be a thing of the past. remembering someone who was nice to you or took two minutes to listen, can make a big difference. every day i see more and more people forgetting the importance of sharing and caring; the sad part is that some people don’t even realize it and just go on about their business and forget what really can make a person’s day.

i have people in my life that are less fortunate but i say that with a grain of salt because sometimes i wonder if they aren’t the lucky ones. they are simple, live simple lives and do not have the big responsibilities we have to even care. but for one moment, those people can notice the most important things about yourself that you have even forgotten.

and then it hits you…

is it the power of the negativity that sets in and you have been conditioned your whole life in such a way that you forget the good things?

you bet your ass.

i have learned many lessons in my 40’s that have made me realize, no one can make me who i am or tell me how to feel about my life. i turned 50 two days ago and i told myself i would make this next turn of greatness. i want to feel more relaxed, confident, happy with my decisions and learn to accept the things that are out of my control. i cannot fix things, i can’t make people love me and i certainly can’t control life’s  events. how i perceive my life is what really matters and not feeling guilty about my actions is what will make me all these things. we struggle every day with our demons and we should learn to let them go.

so today i ask: how will you move forward to make things better and more positive? take 5 minutes to thank someone, smile at them or listen.


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